Committed to Become Sustainable Now

We don’t have 100 years of company history. We’re only from 2017 but that is our advantage: ever since we started we’ve wanted to improve the standard of the valve industry. Not only do we want to make better products and better customer service, we are also committed to become a better company – and for us that means we are committed to be a sustainable company.

We are a manufacturer and a distributor of valves and thus our responsibility when it comes to what we choose to produce and sell is of high importance to us. Read more about our sustainable choices below:

Reducing our footprint

Sustainability is at the core of the Mars Valve Europe 2025 Strategy. Our business strategy is set to accelerate the development and distribution of products with longer product life cycles and thus bringing down materiale use and exploring the reusability of parts and product components.

Later this year we will launch a series of news related to more sustainable products. 

Doing our part for a sustainable future

  • Responsibly measuring, managing and reducing our own water usage.
  • Efficiently reducing our energy consumption through our own business operations.
  • Enabling a green supply chain focused on purchasing, logistics and packaging.

Empowering people

 We strive to be a socially responsible employer and global citizen, wherever we are in the world. We might not be a Fortune 500 company, but we do not neglect our relative impact in the world.

  • Diversity, equity and inclusion: Advancement and Recruiting of Women, Early Career Development, Special Needs Representation and an Inclusive Culture.
  • Health, Safety and Well-being: We are deeply committed to ensuring the health, safety and well-being of all our employees and collaborative partners and suppliers performing activities on behalf of Mars Valve Europe.

 Sustainable Choices

  • Limiting raw materials through Circularity: 

    As our products origins from the underground and processed from raw materials which are not unlimited, we need to chase even more sustainable developments and take circular directions. For existing products, the sustainable solution is buy-appropriate an initiative which already today and instant can minimize the use of raw materials and at the same time the MRO cost of companies.

  • Environmental friendly production:
    Responsibility towards the planet is obtained via our environmental approval ISO 140001.

  • SIL 3:
    Today our products are already among the most sustainable products on the market, due to the SIL 3 approval verified by market leader Exida, with a documented expected life time of 15 years.

  • Decarbonization of Power and Electricity:
    We aim to reach a zero-environmental impact of our operations; warehouse and office facilities, latest by 2025. The goal is 100% green power and green energy to be reached by investing in our own Ground Heating Systems along with solar panels on the roof top.

  • Decarbonization of cars:
    Our company cars are or is going to be fully electrical driven by latest 2024.

  • Water resources:
    We are implementing a water-recycling-system to save and re-use water, latest by 2024.

  • Minimizing Carbon Footprint building.
    To minimizing the Carbon footprint of our headquarter; wood materials have been chosen.

If you have any questions about sustainability, please reach out to Lotte Svendsen at

We strive to make it better.

Replacing batch-level certificates

Every valves comes with an unique serial number making every vetted part 100% traceable. Now each individual valve has been tested with more than 100 checkpoints and everything is stored in the cloud.


We are now offering our customers to BuyAppropriate™ – and thus making it possible to only buy the center section of the Series 83- and 88 ball valves. A sustainable and cost effective initiative.

Mars Service Bracket® saves time

We have developed the Mars Service Bracket® with inspiration from the clamp systems used in the dairy sector. Now it’s possible to unmount handles/actuators in a matter of seconds. Compatible with LO/TO.