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A Valve Solution Provider

We are a solution provider within the valve industry. Our promise is a deep understanding of valve solutions and a continuous commitment to improving your manufacturing process through the right solutions.

Manufacturing processes are complex; there are many different people in many different roles involved to ensure plants run optimally and continue to do so. Each have their own professional focal points, goals and needs. Only with a deep understanding of this, we can be the true valve partner we aim to be. We are located in Denmark and China, but operate globally.

For Engineers

We help you as an Engineer to improve the quality of your manufacturing process by verifying the quality of each individual valve.

For Strategic Purchasers

We help you as a Sourcing Manager or Purchaser to optimize Total Cost of Ownership, digitize QA and safeguard your brand.

For Maintenance Teams

We help you as a Maintenance Manager or Service Crew to work smarter and prevent time-consuming mistakes.

Verifying quality of each individual valve thus eliminating human errors

  • Until today industry standard has been pen and paper and manual data-entry. With Mars Cloud Service we replace documentation on batch level.
  • Every valves comes with an unique serial number making every wetted part 100% traceable. Now each individual valve has been tested with more than 100 checkpoints and everything is stored in the cloud.
  • This eliminates human errors and manual work flows and thus bringing down Total Cost of Ownership.

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Located in Vejle our team consists of the following departments: Technical Department, Internal Sales, External Sales, Purchasing, Documentation, Workshop, Assembly and Administration.